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ComradeBruno is a blog about international and national politics (in Brazil), about socialism and communist movement, as well as about the National Question in Brazil and in the world.

This blog works as a special column for Jornal A Pátria (Newspaper The Fatherland) - with texts to be reproduced also in Vermelho À Esquerda (Red to Left) - however, as a personal column, it compiles only the texts and writings of Bruno Torres, or translations and editions made by him for this site .

Bruno es el fundador de Vermelho À Esquerda (VÀE) y Jornal A Pátria, y también es el director fundador de Movimiento Nueva Patria (NP).

Bruno is the founder of Vermelho À Esquerda (VÀE) and of Jornal A Pátria, as well as the founding director of Movimento Nova Pátria - NP (New Fatherland Movement).


He graduated in History from the Federal University of Pernambuco (UFPE), where his academic work turned to the study of the development of the concept of Nationalism in the International Communist Movement and, particularly, in the National Question present in the Cuban Revolution. He also writes training and policy introduction books published by our Editorial Stamp.

Through the Via Trabalhista (Way Labor), a group composed of several personalities and diverse movements, it is affiliated, in Brazil, to the Democratic Labor Party (PDT). In 2019 he was also sworn in as Consultative Adviser for the state section of the Leonel Brizola Foundation (FLB).